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Becomes a Defied Trope at the end of the series, due to Mark believing the moustaches represent the old ways of the Viltrumites. Several of Mark's evil alternates have Viltrumite-style Invincible 137. Girls, acne, homework and supervillains. When you're a teenager it pays to be - Invincible. Mark Grayson is the hero Invincible, whom is a Viltrumite/Human hybrid.

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1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Variations 5 Associations 6 Limitations 7 Known Users 8 Gallery Half-Alien Form/Mimicry User with this ability either is or can become a half-alien. A being with both extraterrestrial and an alternate race's ancestry. As Daxamites are an alien race from the planet Daxam. Their planet, like Krypton, orbits a red star; and like Kryptonians, Daxamites will gain superpowers when living under a yellow star. In fact, their powers and abilities are nearly identical to those of Kryptonians; The only difference being that they have no weakness to Kryptonite, and instead are severely weakened by a serious sensitivity to The animated series is full of blood and gore. But wait till you see these juggernauts take a swing at Invincible. It's going to be bloody spectacular!!

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There was nothing that would set me apart from any other Viltrumite. A Father to His Men: After becoming the Viltrumite Emperor, he is quite protective of his people and helps them remake themselves from the monsters they made themselves into.; Anyone Can Die: As of Issue 141; Awesome by Analysis: Figured out that Anissa raped Mark.

Viltrumite weakness

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Viltrumite weakness

Habitat: Habitat of this race is unknown.

Viltrumite weakness

Combine that with the fact that Kryptonians generally seem to be mostly pacifists or honorable type fighters while Viltrumites clearly have no issue with fighting dirty and brutal and things get a little So far it seems he is the only Viltrumite with this weakness. 1 The Truth About The Viltrumites Kal-El's Kryptonian heritage is largely positive, inherited from the nobility of his parents. Those Viltrumites that vauled strength and believed in their natural superiority decided to expunge the weak from the planet, and set upon those who opposed them or were deemed unfit in a global 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Abilities 2.3 Average Strength level 2.4 Weaknesses 3 Habitat 4 Miscellaneous 5 See Also 6 Links and References History of this race is unknown.
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Allen The Alien has spent all his life working to oppose the Viltrumites, whom he hates passionately.

Their mission was the capture the second Viltrumite weakness, The Rognars, a race of nearly indestructible and ravenous creatures that could easily feed off and damage Viltrumites. Although not successful, Thaedus sent the two on more missions.
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It is revealed that a virus produced by rebels of the Viltrumite empire was successful in killing over 99.9% of the Viltrumites. Their reason for attacking Earth is that human DNA is compatible with Viltrumite; they want to use Earth as a breeding colony.

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The Viltrumites were feared and hated, and were nigh-unbeatable. When rivaling races couldn't physically stop them, they chose another method. The virus targeted Viltrumite DNA and wiped out 99% of the population, leaving only less than 50 alive.