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Oculomotor nerve. 5. Optic Chias 31 Oct 2018 The forebrain consists of the cerebrum, thalamus, and hypothalamus (part of the limbic system). The midbrain consists of the tectum and tegmentum. The hindbrain is made of the cerebellum, pons and medulla.

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Also, the sheep brain is oriented anterior to posterior (more horizontally), while the human brain is oriented superior to interior (more vertically.) Materials. Dissection tools and tray, lab gloves, preserved sheep brain. 2. The sheep’s brain has a more developed olfactory bulb when compared to the human brain. 3.

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Correct spelling matters. A. Cerebral hemispheres - dorsal and lateral surfaces - Human Brain 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.6 . 1. 2019-11-19 · The pons is a portion of the hindbrain that connects the cerebral cortex with the medulla oblongata.

Pons sheep brain

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Pons sheep brain

Cerebellum. 4. Optic Nerve. 10.

Pons sheep brain

To contact John Kubie by e-mail: jkubie@downstate.edu This is the URL to a sheep dissection lab created by five students inthe bi-college (Haverford and Bryn Mawr) community: Jessica Kuhn,Jessica Magid, Karen Revere, Elizabeth Caris, and Gray Vargasthrough science education at Bryn Mawr College.
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The Cranial Nerves: The cranial nerves provide sensory input to the brain from the visual, acoustic, gustatory and olfactory sensory organs. They also transmit sensory information from skin and muscles. External Sheep Brain:  The sheep brain is quite similar to the human brain except for proportion. The sheep has a smaller cerebrum. Also the sheep brain is oriented anterior to posterior whereas the human brain is superior to inferior.

Oculomotor Nerve. Page 7. Sheep Brain Dissection Guide. 4.
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On the images above, drag and place the appropriate labels to properly identify the regions / structures of the sheep brain. Sheep Brain – Inferior (region) (thin layer) (region) (region) (thick layer) (with outer meninges) (without outer meninges) Optic chiasma Exercise 1 – Sheep Brain Anatomy Pia mater Midbrain Dura mater Pituitary gland Mammillary body Medulla oblongata Pons • Compare the sheep brain with the main external regions of the human brain. Identify the cerebrum, brain stem (medulla and pons), and cerebellum.

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Follow along with the steps in the Exploratorium Activity (click on photo) with your own specimen. As an assignment, prepare a labelled drawing and a table organizing the identifiable regions - names,  15 Jun 2020 When damage occurs to the brain due to stroke, tumour, traumatic injury or other reasons, the resulting The pons, midbrain and medulla oblongata make up the brain stem, which controls primitive functions such as . 19 Jan 2018 The pons is a portion of the brain stem, located above the medulla oblongata and below the midbrain.